How Can I Save Water?



Outdoor Leaks

Did you know that your home may be wasting lots of water you don’t even know about?

Outdoor leaks often go untreated for longer periods of time than leaks inside your home. Left to leak for longer, they can waste large amounts of water over months, or even years.  Even small leaks add up, sometimes wasting thousands of litres of water over time.

Small leaks that seem harmless now can lead to mould, rot and bigger damage. So finding and fixing them quickly helps you save water while avoiding costly repairs at the same time.

Whether you live in a villa or an apartment, these Waterwise tips will help you keep your home leak-free.


For more helpful tips about leaks inside your home, see Waterwise's How-To Tips for Indoor Leaks.

  • The first rule to follow is to know where your home’s main water shut-off valve is. Often, it’s close to your home’s water meter. Find it and show your family where it is. In case of a big leak or a water emergency, you can turn off that valve to stop the flow of water to your home.
  • You should also familiarise yourself with your home’s other water valves for specific fixtures, appliances or parts of your home. They can help you turn off the water to isolated areas until leaks are fixed.
  • leaks inside and outsideOnce a month, inspect the area outside your home for leaks, looking for signs like:
    • Dripping taps
    • Damp spots on paving or walls
    • Leaks in hoses
    • Leaks or damage to your sprinkler heads or irrigation systems
    • Damp spots on soil where water tends to pool or never dries
    • Sunken ground or eroded areas
    • Mould or rot

Make note of any leaks you find and call a qualified plumber or gardener right away to fix them.

  • Use the Waterwise Meter Test to see if your home has any leaks you can’t see. We recommend conducting this at least twice a year.
    1. First, make sure there is no water being used inside or outside your home. Turn off all taps or automatic features like sprinklers or automatic refill systems for your pool. Ask your family not to use any water or flush the toilets during this test.
    2. Locate your home’s water meter and write down the measurement numbers.
    3. Wait an hour or more and record the numbers again. 
    4. If any of the numbers have changed and nobody has used any water during the test, it means that water is leaking from somewhere, either inside or outside your home.
    5. Call a qualified plumber right away to find and fix the leak.

Some people prefer to conduct this test overnight while everyone is sleeping—but be sure to remind your family not to use sinks or toilets until you have checked the numbers again in the morning.

  • leaks spotting leaks without the first iconTo save water and avoid damage, don’t wait! Fix leaks immediately.
  • If you have a major leak or a water emergency, turn off your home’s main water shut-off valve (often located near your home’s water meter) and call a licensed professional immediately.
  • If you can isolate the leak, turn off the water valve just before the leak until it can be repaired. Many homes in Abu Dhabi have multiple water shut-off points that let you isolate specific parts of the home, fixtures or appliances. If your leak is in your sprinkler system, for example, you may only need to turn off the water to your sprinklers until the leak can be fixed. Familiarise yourself with the rest of the water shut-off points around your home.
  • For all leaks, big and small, Waterwise recommends using an experienced plumbing professional to fix them properly.
  • If you’re handy at fixing things yourself and want to learn more about your home’s water use and maintenance, there are many books, videos and resources online to show you how. There may even be classes available locally. But when in doubt, call a professional.
  • If you spot a leak in your neighbourhood, contact the property owner and let them know they have a leak. Tell them the importance of fixing leaks quickly to save water and avoid extra damage. And if you like, tell them about Waterwise for these tips and more.
  • If you spot a leak in a public place, please contact your local water distribution company (ADDC 800 2332 or AADC 800 9008).