How Can I Save Water?




Did you know that about 20% of the water you use inside your home is spent on laundry?

The average household in Abu Dhabi uses the washing machine once per person per week. And each load of laundry uses between 75 and 190 Litres per wash. That makes your laundry room a great place to save more water. Washing machines come in a range of sizes and the amount of water used per load depends on which model you own.

Follow these tips to save water on every load of laundry and make every drop count:

  • Wash full loads only. Most washing machines use the same amount of water whether they are full or empty. So to avoid wasting any extra water, only wash when the machine is full.
  • Select the appropriate cycle or water level for the size of your load. Use less water and shorter cycles when possible. Some newer models can even sense the size of your load and adjust water levels for you.       
  • If you wash clothes in a sink, install a water efficient tap or add an aerator to save water. Plug the sink instead of using running water and use only as much soap as you really need—more soap requires more water to wash it away.
  • When you’re ready to buy a new washing machine, many new models can help you save water every time you wash. Look for:
    • Front-loading models – They use far less water per wash than top-loading or twin-tub washing machines. Front-loaders use only half as much as top-loaders do.
    • Water and energy-efficient settings – Many models now have eco-friendly settings that use less water and electricity per load. Some models can even sense the size of your load and adjust water levels for you.
    • Good general water efficiency – Compare each model’s average consumption per wash. For example, a 7kg machine that uses 70 Litres per wash would be a good choice.
    • The right size for your household - Select a size that’s appropriate for your family, not simply the largest capacity. Using a machine that is bigger than you need wastes extra, unnecessary water and energy.
  • If your clothes dryer requires you to empty a condensation (water) container, give the water to your plants or put it to another good use instead of dumping it down the drain.

Did you know that on average, washing machines available in Abu Dhabi are around 20% larger than in Europe? This is because we typically have larger families in this region, but these machines use more water and electricity.

Power tip intext 1
  Power tip: Washing with cold water saves electricity. Cold water is best for darker fabrics as it helps clothes keep their colour and reduces the likelihood of dyes running.

Eco tip intext 1  Eco-tip: Choose natural, biodegradable and low-phosphate laundry detergents whenever possible. They reduce the amount of chemicals released into the environment and ease the strain on Abu Dhabi’s waste treatment plants. 

Power tip intext 1  Power tip: Run washing machines during off-peak times (before 2 pm or after 8 pm) to help avoid extra stress on Abu Dhabi’s energy grid and contribute to collective energy savings.

Eco tip intext 1 Eco-tip :Looking for electrical-efficient appliances? Search certified products currently carrying the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) Trustmark for Environmental Performance by category, brand, model name and/or model number on the QCC database.