How Can I Save Water?




“We made from Water every living thing” (Qur’an 21:30)

Water plays a central role in Islam, emphasized in the Quran and daily ritual. Purity and cleanliness are essential as prayers carried out in an impure state are not valid. Purification through ablution, or “Wudu,” is an obligatory component of the Islamic prayer ritual and Muslim worshippers carry out this process before each of the five daily prayers.

Wudu involves washing exposed body parts with clean water to purify oneself before prayer. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) urged moderation when using water during ablution. He, Himself used a minimal amount of water, using just one Mudd of water (the equivalent of 625 ml) when carrying out Wudu and only five Mudds for Ghusl (slightly more than 3 litres).

The Prophet once saw Sa'd performing Wudu and said to him: "Why are you wasting all this water?" Sa'd asked, "Is there wastefulness even in performing Wudu?" The Prophet replied, "Yes, even if you were at a flowing river."

Here are some ideas to help you save water while performing Wudu either at a sink or an ablution area:

  • We highly recommend this tip first to understand how much water you normally use and how much you can start to save: Carry out Wudu over a bowl or a small bucket to catch the water. Measure the amount or mark the line and try to use less the next time, using some of the tips below.

Did you know that an open tap can use between 10 and 20 Litres per minute?

  • Aim to use only one Litre of water. Or even better, try to use just one Mudd (625 mL) like the Prophet Muhammad did (peace be upon him).
  • When using a tap, open it just a little to use a small flow of water. Letting water flow strongly from the tap wastes unnecessary water.
  • Turn off the tap between each step. Fill your hand with water and turn off the tap. Use only that amount per step.
  • Affix an aerator to your tap to use up to 50% less water. Aerators are small fittings that screw on to the tip of your tap. They save water by reducing the flow but often give the feeling of improved pressure. Aerators are available at most good hardware stores.
  • Instead of using a tap, use a mug or small bottle (0.5 Litres) for Wudu. Pour a small amount of water into your palm and use that amount for each step. This will also help you measure how much water you use and help you use less. Try to use just one bottle or mug if possible.
  • In addition, you may want to suggest these tips to others at your Mosque, or help organize efforts for improving water efficiency at your Mosque’s facilities.
  • We encourage you to share your Waterwise ideas, stories, suggestions, photos and videos with us and with others on Facebook, Twitter and the social networks you use (#waterwise). Together we can save so much water every day.

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