Why save water?

Water Efficiency

Our goal at Waterwise is to inform, inspire and enable greater “water efficiency” across Abu Dhabi. But what do we mean by that? And what kind of future can we achieve?
Water Efficiency

“The future of the country is contingent on our ability to manage our national resources with wisdom and keenness on the interests of the future”

—H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed

Water efficiency means...
  • The conscious conservation of water every day in all of our activities
  • Making smart, practical and achievable adjustments to the ways we use water
  • Using only as much water as we really need, no more
  • Choosing water efficient products whenever possible
  • Always learning and looking for more ways to save

Water efficiency is more than just a practice; it’s a frame of mind. When you understand and believe in the reasons to conserve water, you’ll take pride in being more Waterwise whenever you can throughout the day. The more you know, the more you can pass on to others by sharing your knowledge and setting a good example.

The Future is Waterwise

The government of Abu Dhabi is looking forward to a bright and sustainable future, full of continued growth and prosperity. It is with that objective in mind that the government is establishing initiatives like Waterwise, leading with care and foresight.

In Abu Dhabi’s Waterwise future:

  • Residents are informed and in control of their water consumption. They take pride in making Waterwise choices at home, at work and throughout their daily lives. They use only as much water as they need and always look for new ways to save more. Adults and children alike serve as positive role models for each other.
  • Businesses use water efficient methods in their daily operations, including production practices. They use water efficient facilities and encourage initiatives for greater water efficiency within the work place and in the community. 
  • Schools take every opportunity to teach children how to conserve water at school and at home. In turn, children teach their parents. Schools and institutions ensure that their campuses and facilities are as Waterwise as possible.
  • Architects, builders and suppliers prioritise water efficiency in the design, construction and maintenance of new and renovated buildings.
  • The government continues to guide the Emirate towards greater sustainable growth and prosperity. It will lead by example, prioritising water efficiency in all of its buildings, projects and operations, and continues to support water saving initiatives across all sectors.

You may notice some of these things already happening, especially among our children who care for our resources proudly and in our government’s leadership toward a Waterwise future. This future is achievable when we all do our parts ourselves and together as part of the greater Abu Dhabi community.

Remember, every drop counts! Water is precious. By using water wisely, we ensure a positive and prosperous future for ourselves, our families and for generations to come.